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Eating disorder treatment in Blairstown - New Jersey

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Alina Lodge

Box G, Blairstown, NJ 07825 :: 800-575-6343 Visit Website

At Alina Lodge we believe alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease that is highly treatable. With sufficient structure, support, and time in abstinence, we know that recovery is possible. We believe it is a family disease as well. Those who are related to an alcoholic / chemically addicted person often experience the same debilitating symptoms as the alcoholic /addict.


Environmental Setting




Process Addictions

Our New York area alcohol and drug addiction treatment program has proven to be one of the most successful programs for the alcoholic and addict. At Alina Lodge we know undiagnosed and untreated disorders are a leading cause of relapse. We address this through trauma work, grief group, co-dependency, eating disorder group, anger management, spirituality weekends, psycho drama, sex and relationship addiction, gambling addiction, and other process addiction treatment.


6 Month minimum for those who have failed to maintain sobriety after attending other inpatient programs. Those who need long term inpatient or residential treatment can obtain what Alina Lodge has always been known for... superior treatment, second to none.

Length of Stay

We offer long term and short term treatment for alcoholism and chemical addiction. Time is often the critical factor for full rehabilitation and the length of stay is based upon individual progress in treatment.

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