Sex Addiction Treatment Program Options

Although sex is considered a natural part of life, as is the case with anything else, when it’s taken to an extreme, it can produce negative consequences. Sex addiction treatment program options are available, but it’s important to understand what’s involved in this addiction and how it develops. While psychologists have struggled to arrive at a precise definition for sex addiction, it’s largely believed to include an inability to control or manage one’s sexual behavior.

What Causes Sexual Addictions?

The precise causes for sexual addictions are also still being studied. According to Medical News Today, it’s thought sexual addictions could be associated with chemical changes within the brain. Researchers also now believe that lesions located on a specific area of the brain could result in compulsive sexual behavior. Individuals who suffer from sexual addictions often come from dysfunctional families and have often been abused by others in the past. Studies have also found a large number of sex addicts have family members who also suffer from other types of addiction. CNN reports as many as 80 percent of sex addicts have experienced emotional trauma or sexual abuse.

If you believe you or someone you care about might be suffering from sexual addiction, it’s crucial to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms. The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health states possible signs that could indicate sexual addiction include:

An individual who’s suffering from sexual addiction might also have made multiple attempts to control their behavior without success. Sex addicts might also spend an extensive amount of time attempting to obtain sex. This behavior can interfere with work, recreational and social activities. In some instances, the person might experience sexual rage disorder and become anxious, distressed or violent if they aren’t able to engage in sexual activity.

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If you’ve noticed these symptoms in yourself or someone close to you, you should recognize it isn’t too late to seek help. Contact us today at to speak with someone and find the help you need.

Is There a Cure for Sexual Addiction?

If you or someone close to you is suffering from sex addiction, it’s only natural to wonder whether a cure for sexual addiction exists. While no cure exists, the addiction can be effectively treated and managed for life. If compulsive sexual behavior isn’t treated, the individual might experience intense guilt and eventually develop low self-esteem. This can ultimately lead to depression. Individuals who suffer from sexual addiction can also develop relationship and family problems. The potential also exists to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases or experience an unplanned pregnancy. Therapy is available, and it’s never too late to ask for help.

Therapies for Sex Addicts

Psych Central reports that up to 6 percent of the population may suffer from sexual addiction. Although it might seem as though you’re fighting this battle alone, help is available. The focus of therapies for sex addicts typically involves controlling the impulse to engage in sex. Due to the fact that sex is considered such an important part of life, this can be a challenge. The goal of therapy must then be to control the compulsion the patient experiences so the attempt to engage in sex doesn’t consume the person’s entire life. Many different types of therapies can be utilized to help patients exercise control of sexual urges. Such therapies can include education, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment typically works by helping the patient shift the focus of their thoughts and behavior. In addition, the patient might also be provided with a variety of techniques and tools that can be used to reduce the impulse to have sex. Such tools can often help you or your loved one learn to control the symptoms associated with sexual addiction.

Another goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to avoid relapse. As part of therapy, the patient will learn how to avoid possible situations and triggers that could increase sexual urges. In addition, they will learn how to regulate those urges. One of the goals of this type of therapy is also to learn how to develop relationships that are normal and healthy.

Other Therapeutic Methods

Other therapeutic methods can also be used in the treatment of sexual addiction, including counseling. The goal of counseling is typically to explore as well as correct the underlying causes that might have led to the development of sex addiction. Many patients might find various types of counseling beneficial during their journey to recovery. Both individual and group therapy sessions can be utilized. Some patients might also find family counseling to be helpful, particularly if behaviors associated with the addiction have led to affairs in the past.

Residential Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment Centers

In deciding which type of treatment to pursue for yourself or someone close to you, it will be necessary to determine whether an inpatient or outpatient facility is most suitable. Residential or inpatient sex addiction treatment centers differ from outpatient facilities in that you’ll live in the facility while you’re receiving treatment. Such treatment facilities are located around the nation, making it possible for you to find a treatment facility that either is near your family for convenience or located in a serene environment where you can take some time away from situations that might have facilitated your addiction in the past.

The Benefits of Residential Sexual Addiction Treatments

The benefits of residential sexual addiction treatments can be enormous. One of the reasons a residential sexual addiction treatment center might be a suitable choice is while you’re attending treatment, you’ll be able to focus exclusively on your recovery. Sexual addiction varies significantly from other types of addiction in that it’s often possible to learn to abstain from the problematic behavior when treating other addictions, such as alcoholism or substance abuse. Individuals who suffer from sexual addiction must develop an understanding of how to have a healthy sex life.

Attending a residential sexual addiction treatment facility can also provide you with a number of other benefits, including the ability to interact with others who are facing the same challenges. When you’re recovering from an addiction, it can often feel as though you’re alone. By participating in the group therapy sessions often offered at residential treatment facilities, you’ll be able to learn from others who’ve had similar experiences and struggles.

In addition, a residential treatment facility will be staffed with medical professionals who’ve received specific training in the treatment of sexual addiction. Along with receiving treatment that will target your specific addiction, the staff members will also be able to provide you with an evaluation to identify any other conditions or disorders that might be present that could potentially complicate your recovery.

Luxury Sex Addiction Facilities

In choosing available sex addiction facilities, you’ll find many options are available, including luxury sex addiction facilities. This type of facility is often most appropriate for prospective patients who want to recover in a tranquil environment without any distractions while taking advantage of a host of amenities, such as fitness facilities and spa treatments. A luxury treatment facility can also provide you with a completely private setting, a benefit that can be advantageous for high-profile individuals.

Executive Sex Addiction Programs

Professionals and executives who are in need of sex addiction treatment might wish to consider executive sex addiction programs. These treatment facilities differ from other sex addiction programs in that they’re designed specifically to meet the needs of executives who are concerned about taking time away from their businesses while undergoing treatment. A host of different amenities might be provided in this type of treatment program, including a full suite of office equipment.

Outpatient Sexual Addiction Rehab and Treatment Programs

Although residential addiction treatment programs can provide you with the structure you need while undergoing treatment, if it isn’t possible to take time away from your day-to-day life to attend treatment, outpatient sexual addiction rehab and treatment programs are also available. These types of facilities can also be a suitable option if you’re concerned about relapse after leaving a residential treatment program and you wish to continue therapy on an outpatient basis.

If you need assistance in locating a sex addiction treatment program for yourself or someone close to you, please contact us today at . A sex addiction can result in a number of negative consequences and destroy relationships, but help is available. Please don’t delay in asking for the help on treating sex addiction.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

In understanding how prescription and over-the-counter medications can be used in the treatment of sex addiction, it’s important to understand such medical treatments are typically designed to reduce the impulse to engage in sex. Specifically, such medications are frequently used in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders. Prozac is one such medication. This drug is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that works by acting on neurotransmitters. Although this medication is commonly used in the treatment of depression, it has also been used to treat panic disorder as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Another medication that might be used in the treatment of sex addiction is Anafranil. This medication is an antidepressant. Currently, no over-the-counter medications are used in the treatment of sex addiction.

How to Find the Best Sex Addiction Treatment Facility

If you believe you or someone close to you could benefit from treatment, it’s normal to have questions about how to find the best sex addiction treatment facility. One of the most important factors to consider is whether the facility you consider specializes in the treatment of sex addiction. This is critical due to the fact that sex addiction varies so significantly from other types of addictions. It’s also vital to ask questions about the treatment methods offered. In addition, ask for information regarding the center’s success rate. If you’re concerned about your privacy while you’re in treatment, make it a point to inquire about the facility’s privacy policy and the steps the center takes to ensure the privacy of patients.

You should feel no shame in admitting you suffer from sex addiction. Help is now far more readily available than it has been in the past. Sex addiction treatment programs can help you to take back control of your life and learn how to develop healthy sexual relationships that are free from compulsive behavior. Call for more information.

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