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Mood Disorder Treatment Program Options
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Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs. Life is fraught with people and situations that lead to irritability, agitation and moodiness. A healthy individual will rebound and find emotional balance. If you struggle to find that balance, or if your attitude and emotional state are incongruent with your current circumstances, you might be suffering from a […]

How to Find Help Treating a Mood Disorder
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Mood disorders represent a specific diagnostic category in the DSM V, a diagnostic manual that serves as a guide to various practitioners in the field of psychology, psychiatry and neurology. A mood disorder is classified as a pattern of thoughts and behaviors that cause significant disruption in an individual’s daily functioning. The National Institute of […]

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Mood Disorder Symptoms, Causes and Effect
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Mood disorders encompass a wide array of mood issues, such as major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder and bipolar disorder. Approximately 20.9 million American adults suffer from these disorders. What Are the Types of Mood Disorders? Major depression is the most common mood disorder. This debilitating illness causes mental anguish and physical ailments. It often prevents […]

Living With: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
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Sharing a life and a home with someone who has premenstrual dysphoric disorder can be a challenge if you are unprepared. The symptoms of PMDD, if left untreated, can be disruptive to the sufferer’s life and the lives of everyone she lives with. Fortunately, there are studies, treatments and support to help everyone cope with […]