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Getting Help for an Internet Addiction
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Internet addiction disorder, sometimes abbreviated as IAD, is also known by other names, such as Internet overuse, pathological computer use, and problematic computer use. Dr. Ivan Goldberg originally proposed IAD as a psychiatric disorder in 1995 based on the description of compulsive gambling. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V doesn’t recognize Internet […]

Computer/Internet Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects
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The Internet has made life a lot easier by making information more accessible to all and creating connections with different people around the world. However, it has also led a lot of people to spend too much time in front of the computer, so much so that it becomes the center of their lives. This […]

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Internet and Computer Addiction Treatment Program Options
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Although the Internet has made it possible for individuals around the globe to network in ways previously not believed to be possible, that convenience does present the risk of addiction. When use of the Internet has become compulsive to the point that it is interfering with your work, daily life and personal relationships, you may […]