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Behavioral Emergencies
in Behavioral

A behavioral emergency, also called a behavioral crisis or psychiatric emergency, occurs when someone’s behavior is so out of control that the person becomes a danger to everyone. The situation is so extreme that the person must be treated promptly to avoid injury to themselves or others. Time is of the essence in a behavioral […]

Crisis Symptoms, Causes and Effects
in Crisis

Life is full of stressful events and experiences, and sometimes the seriousness of those stresses can become overwhelming, leading to crisis-related anxiety and debilitating depression. What Are the Main Sources of Personal Crisis? There are many triggers that can take you over the edge, including stress and personal issues. Sudden, drastic changes in your personal […]

How to Find Help Treating a Crisis-Related Problem
in Crisis

One constant in life is that there are no constants in life. Sometimes, this means that life can be full of spontaneity, involving cherished times and interesting situations. In other instances, the lack of constants and consistency can mean unfortunate occurrences and stressful circumstances demanding difficult actions and reactions. When your life takes a rough […]

Crisis Management Treatment Program Options
in Crisis

The management of crises and of the people who are suffering under their weight has a way of getting passed along from one authority to another. Crisis management treatment program options are therefore going to be of a somewhat limited nature for the simple reason that there’s never enough money, there are never enough volunteers, […]