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How to Find Help Treating Women’s Health Problems
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When it comes to healthcare, some problems are universal; however, there are other issues that affect women only or that affect women at much higher rates than they do men. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading killer of women and causes the death of one in three women each year. […]

Female-Specific Health Problem Symptoms, Causes and Effects
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Women’s health problems are often misunderstood, and many women don’t get the medical attention they need and deserve because there is simply not enough information available to them. To take control of your health, it is important to first understand the various health issues affecting women at various stages of life. What Are the Types […]

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Living With: Menopause
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Menopause occurs after a woman has her last menstrual cycle. Both menopause and the time preceding it cause significant physical changes in a woman’s body. Women can decrease the undesirable effects of menopause by taking medication, undergoing therapy, and making behavioral changes. Symptoms Most women experience menopause between the ages of 48 and 55. Perimenopause […]

Living With: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
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Sharing a life and a home with someone who has premenstrual dysphoric disorder can be a challenge if you are unprepared. The symptoms of PMDD, if left untreated, can be disruptive to the sufferer’s life and the lives of everyone she lives with. Fortunately, there are studies, treatments and support to help everyone cope with […]

Living With: Postpartum Depression
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What is Postpartum Depression? There are two forms of postpartum depression. The first form is postpartum or maternity blues, which is a mild mood condition that lasts for a short time. A more severe form, called postpartum major depression, is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition. How Can I Recognize Postpartum Blues? The postpartum blues have […]

Depression in Women
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One in four women will experience an episode of depression at least once in their lives. Depression affects men at a much lower rate. However, many experiences unique to women, such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, trigger depressive episodes. Depression Caused by Menstruation Some women experience severe symptoms of depression before they start menstruating each […]

Living With: Depression During Pregnancy
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Depression during pregnancy is a very difficult and sensitive subject. Statistics from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that between 14 and 23 percent of women suffer from some form of depression during pregnancy. There are many questions that the pregnant woman and her family must struggle with. Is she truly suffering from […]