Great West Insurance Eating Disorder Coverage

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Great West Insurance Company, also known as Great-West Healthcare, is part of the CIGNA network and offers insurance for individual medical and pharmaceutical needs. As part of this coverage and as mandated by the essential benefits clause of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, Great West Insurance offers full or partial coverage for behavioral health or mental health treatment needs, including various treatments at different levels for eating disorders.

Using Great West Insurance for Eating Disorder Treatment

According to the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality, hospitalizations for a variety of eating disorders skyrocketed for all age groups between 1999 and 2007, with some groups increasing over 100 percent. Eating disorders comprise a group of related progressive diseases that require immediate intervention to prevent serious medical and psychological consequences for the patient.

If you believe that you or a loved one has an eating disorder or shows warning signs of developing a disorder, you should contact your primary care physician to set an initial medical assessment with the appropriate health care specialist. You can also call us at so we can assist in the healing process.

After your initial evaluation and a consultation between an approved clinician and a Great West Insurance representative, a treatment plan will be tailored for your specific needs depending on physical and psychological status, medical history and insurance coverage.

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Does Great West Insurance Cover Eating Disorders Rehab Programs?

According to statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services, eating disorders can have drastic consequences if untreated, leading to a variety of serious medical conditions, many life-threatening, such as:

To prevent the worsening of such conditions, treatment for an eating disorder should begin immediately. Great West Insurance will work with your mental health care providers to establish an appropriate rehabilitation program that best suits your condition. Such a program may include various levels of treatment, from participation in 12-step programs to family-based therapy to more rigorous inpatient or residential treatments. Nevertheless, the first step is the initial assessment. Please call us at if you need help beginning this process.

Inpatient Treatment Length Great West Insurance Will Cover (28-30, 60, 90+ Day)

Although most types of inpatient treatment will only be recommended and covered depending on specific conditions such as response to previous treatments, if any, and the patient’s current medical condition, once an initial period of inpatient treatment has been approved, approval for subsequent treatment periods will depend on continual evaluations and the patient’s progress. After a period of inpatient treatment, individuals can often step down to less extensive outpatient treatment.

On the other hand, because some types of eating disorders prove so difficult to treat, it has been reported that many individuals often need inpatient treatment that can last several months or longer. Under Great West Insurance plans, such treatments are authorized on a case-by-case basis and depend largely on patient assessment.

Great West Insurance Coverage for Eating Disorders With Dual Diagnosis

Among the most serious cases in patients who suffer from eating disorders are those patients who also suffer from other conditions such as depression, substance addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Treatment for such dual diagnoses differs from treatment for a specific eating disorder on its own. Such treatment addresses all co-existing disorders at the same time. Health professionals who specialize in cases of comorbid conditions best treat this kind of dual diagnosis.

Among the most common dual diagnosis in adolescents and young adults is an eating disorder and OCD; as with other dual diagnoses, patients often benefit most from treatment in an inpatient facility. Before any treatment begins, patients need to be fully assessed regarding each individual condition. The treatment plan takes into account simultaneous treatment for the specific eating disorder and OCD, but also any treatment that addresses a combination of such conditions.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for all types of dual diagnoses. Each case has to be addressed individually, taking into account comorbidity, patient history and previous treatment.

Great West Insurance coverage for the treatment of dual diagnoses is handled in the same manner as coverage for the treatment of other conditions. After a medical assessment of the patient and a consultation between the health care professionals in charge of treatment and a Great West Insurance caseworker takes place, insured treatment choices will be presented to you.

Specialty Eating Disorder Treatments Using Great West Insurance

Some patients may require the more expansive amenities, alternative treatments, more relaxed atmosphere and refined accommodations offered by luxury or executive treatment facilities. These facilities offer services and accommodations that go beyond the clinical necessities for the patient, but they may set the stage for more effective treatment for certain patients. These provisions may also include access to alternative treatments that can be used in combination with other therapies. Such treatments include some or all of the following:

It should be noted that Great West Insurance will often not cover the cost of such treatment facilities, but depending on initial patient evaluation and other factors, some of the therapies, treatments or medications may be partially or fully covered. If you have any questions about possible treatment options or need to find out more about luxury or executive facilities or help in treating eating disorder problems, please give us a call .

How to Cover What Insurance Doesn’t Pay For

Although your Great West Insurance caseworker in consultation with your team of health care professionals will attempt to come up with the best treatment for your condition at an affordable price and with the greatest amount of insurance coverage, the most effective treatment will sometimes entail certain out-of-pocket expenses. If you find you have problems covering the amount that Great West Insurance doesn’t pay for, please do not let this prevent you from seeking treatment. Call us, and we can assist you with your financial planning as well as more information about the benefits in using Great West for eating disorder treatment.

Verify Insurance Coverage and Find the Best Treatment Programs

Aside from providing assistance in verifying your insurance coverage and finding the best treatment plans, our representatives can let you know what to expect from certain types of treatments and programs and how to begin to widen your perspective on the treatment of eating disorders. Insurance companies such as Great West are motivated to promote the treatment of eating disorders early and as effectively as necessary because such disorders can lead to much more serious physical and mental health conditions, which will in turn lead to more costly treatment and procedures.

If there are issues with obtaining coverage for certain types of treatment with Great West Insurance or with any other insurance company, one of the best ways to make sure that your case is handled on a personal level is to request that your case be reviewed by one caseworker. This caseworker will soon grow familiar with your situation and be able to offer the most effective assistance. However, this process cannot get started unless you take the initial step of calling us at .