Using Exclusive Care for Bulimia Treatment

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Exclusive Care provides healthcare coverage to individuals working for California’s Riverside County. The plan allows employees, their relatives and retirees to receive health benefits through a network of physicians, hospitals and private medical groups. Exclusive Care offers a variety of different health plans; some are available through employers, and others are available on an individual basis. If you plan to use Exclusive Care to cover bulimia treatment, this guide can help you determine the treatment path that is best for you or your loved one.

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 3 percent of teenagers in the United States suffer from an eating disorder, and most of these adolescents do not receive treatment for the condition. Due to lack of treatment, countless adults — both male and female — suffer from eating disorders, although these types of disorders are more common in women. Bulimia is a specific eating disorder characterized by continuous cycles of binging and purging as a means of eliminating excess calories from the body. If you or a loved one suffers from bulimia and needs help, give us a call today at .

Using Exclusive Care for Bulimia Treatment

Treating bulimia requires both physical and mental intervention, both of which you can receive through Exclusive Care. A person suffering from bulimia can develop the following physical symptoms:

The mental symptoms of bulimia that sufferers generally exhibit include:

Your primary physician through Exclusive Care can diagnose and possibly treat the physical bulimia symptoms you experience; however, you might need a referral from your main doctor before seeing a mental health professional. Because Exclusive Care insurance coverage has very strict boundary restrictions, it is essential for you to choose a mental health care doctor who operates within your plan’s coverage area. If you are not sure, contact Exclusive Care’s customer service department to ensure the doctors you choose are part of the plan’s network.

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Does Exclusive Care Cover Bulimia Nervosa Rehab Programs?

Like most insurance providers, using Exclusive Care for eating disorder treatment will cover any treatment that is medically necessary. Because bulimia nervosa leads to a host of side effects that can affect your health, you can receive treatment at a rehabilitation facility through Exclusive Care. However, you must undergo an extensive medical review before you are deemed eligible to receive treatment at a rehabilitation facility within Exclusive Care’s network. The type of care you are eligible for depends on your specific plan, and you will be responsible for your insurance deductible. Exclusive Care is known for having one of the lowest deductible rates in Riverside County, which is good news for you.

Inpatient Treatment Length Exclusive Care Will Cover (28-30, 60, 90+ Day)

Exclusive Care covers inpatient treatment for eligible bulimia patients and offers the most coverage for inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs conducted at hospitals and treatment centers within the Exclusive Care network. You can choose a rehabilitation facility outside of Exclusive Care’s network, but your out-of-pocket expenses will be much higher. Your specific plan determines the amount of time you are eligible to stay at the treatment facility. You will need to speak with an Exclusive Care representative for specific information on the extent of inpatient treatment you’re eligible for.

Exclusive Care Coverage for Bulimia Dual Diagnosis

It is common for patients suffering from bulimia to suffer from another eating disorder or mental health condition. According to the Eating Disorders Coalition, anorexia is the third most chronic illness among adolescents in the United States, and many adolescents diagnosed with bulimia display symptoms of anorexia as well. Other issues that require medical intervention can also arise as a result of an eating disorder, including:

Clinical facilities that work with patients suffering from eating orders are aware that dual diagnosis issues are common. Physical and mental health teams generally diagnose and treat coexisting conditions that are present. If you have bulimia or another ailment related to this eating disorder, call today to start the road to recovery.

Specialty Bulimia Treatment Using Exclusive Care

Exclusive Care has a host of specialty doctors who treat bulimia and other ailments accompanying this disease. Those suffering from this disorder generally require several types of treatment, all of which are necessary to increase the likelihood of recovery.

Psychological counseling is one of the most important aspects of treatment. Patients might receive treatment on an individual basis or in a group setting. During treatment, patients generally discuss the issues surrounding their urge to binge, including peer pressure and poor body image. Psychologists might prescribe anti-anxiety medications and other pharmaceuticals if necessary. It is also important for individuals suffering from bulimia to receive nutritional counseling, which is why most inpatient facilities that treat patients with bulimia have nutritionists on staff. With the help of a nutritionist, bulimia patients can learn about healthy eating, portion control and everything else related to diet.

Severely underweight patients might need additional medically supervised treatment for weight management. If your current weight is much lower than your healthy weight range, the help of a medical professional is necessary in order to prevent further damage to your health. Your Exclusive Care health provider can also make sure you do not gain too much weight at once. Give us a call today at to learn more about the specialty services available to those suffering from bulimia.

How to Cover What Insurance Doesn’t Pay For

Before planning your exact course of treatment, it is important to know what your plan will cover. If your plan does not cover your entire treatment, you can do several things to lessen the financial burden.

Most rehabilitation facilities offer payment plans, so speak to the intake specialist at your facility to learn about the plans available and their specific terms. Some facilities offer scholarships to patients experiencing financial hardship, so you might also be eligible to receive a scholarship that will cover some or all of your treatment costs. Some rehabilitation facilities offer income-based treatment as well. If you think you might qualify for a scholarship or income-based financial assistance, make sure you have proof of income available from a reputable source.

You can also receive services at your county’s public health department. Government-funded health facilities help those who need treatment for eating disorders and a variety of other ailments. Take a trip to your local health department after determining what Exclusive Care will not cover. You may be able to receive medications, mental health counseling, group support and many other services at local health departments for free.

Verify Insurance Coverage and Find the Best Treatment Centers

The best way to verify your insurance coverage through Exclusive Care is to contact the customer service department. The representative can let you know exactly which treatments you are eligible for and the out-of-pocket expenses you will incur. You can also inquire about the best treatment centers in Riverside County if you plan to stay within your coverage area. Going outside of your coverage area is an option as well, but it is important to remember that Exclusive Care provides the most coverage to patients who choose in-network providers.

If you are inquiring about treatment for a loved one, don’t forget that Exclusive Care can provide eating disorder treatment to anyone on your plan. More than 8 million people in America suffer from eating disorders, so you are not alone. Find the help in treating eating disorder you need today by giving us a call at .