Using HealthSmart for Anorexia Treatment

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HealthSmart is a leading healthcare company based in Irving, Texas, and the company has dedicated policyholders throughout North America. HealthSmart offers health care plans to individuals and through employers, and the company’s goal is to make it easy for its members to receive the treatments they need at reduced costs without hassle. If you have a HealthSmart policy, you’ll be happy to know that you’re eligible to receive a wide variety of services, including treatment for anorexia nervosa and related ailments.

Anorexia is a serious eating disorder that millions of people suffer from. The South Carolina Department of Health’s website notes that 1 out of 200 females in America suffers from the disease. This is not a disease that just affects women, however, as many men suffer from anorexia as well. Those who are diagnosed with this starvation disease often weigh much less than the recommended weight for their height and body frame. There are also many physical symptoms of the disease, including:

Anorexia is a treatable disease, so it is never too late to get help. If you or a loved one suffers from this ailment, give us a call today at to start the path to recovery.

Using HealthSmart for Anorexia Treatment

HealthSmart eating disorder coverage offers multiple policies, and the policy you have will depend on the type of treatment you’re eligible to receive. The most comprehensive policy available through HealthSmart is the HealthSmart Preferred Care policy, which is the type of policy you need to have if you want to receive long-term inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa. Through this policy, you’ll also have access to short-term and long-term outpatient care and a variety of pharmaceutical and medical services. Preferred Care memberships give you access to psychological specialists as well. These professionals are essential to your recovery because they can help you deal with the underlying causes of your condition.

HealthSmart has a website that lists every provider in its network throughout the United States. You can search for a primary care physician and a host of other specialists who will accept your HealthSmart plan. Most specialists will likely require you to furnish a referral from your primary care physician before providing treatment, and you might also need to receive a formal diagnosis before receiving treatment specifically for anorexia nervosa.

Because anorexia is a behavioral disorder, a psychological evaluation will be necessary. During the evaluation, professionals must determine whether or not you display the mental symptoms of someone with anorexia, including:

After you receive a formal diagnosis, speak to your primary care provider and mental health counselor about all the treatment options that are available to you through the HealthSmart network. If you’d like, you can choose your own specialists using the HealthSmart database online, or you can go to the specialists recommended by your primary practitioners.

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Does HealthSmart Cover Anorexia Nervosa Rehab Programs?

HealthSmart is a company that takes pride in helping those who want to change their lives for the better. In fact, the company has been publicly recognized for its dedication to promoting sobriety through rehabilitation and ongoing quality healthcare. HealthSmart works with hospital-based and private rehabilitation programs throughout the United States and offers short- and long-term rehabilitation treatments to qualified members.

Even if you are not a HealthSmart Preferred Care member, you can still receive treatment for any conditions related to your anorexia. If you have a basic plan and want to upgrade to a Preferred Care plan, you must speak to a HealthSmart representative about altering your policy. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the upgrade might not take place right away, but you can still receive top-notch care and many other services with your basic HealthSmart Plan.

Inpatient Treatment Length HealthSmart Will Cover (28-30, 60, 90+ Day)

HealthSmart does offer rehabilitation treatment for up to 90 days or longer, but, as mentioned above, you will need to be a Preferred Plus member to qualify for longer stays. You will also have to pay a deductible, regardless of the length of time you stay at an inpatient facility. Your deductible amount depends on a variety of factors, including the type of rehabilitation program you choose, the length of your stay, the state you live in and more.

Generally, hospital-based treatment facilities require patients to pay lower deductibles. If you choose a private-pay high-end facility, your out-of-pocket expenses will likely be more because these facilities usually offer a host of amenities that are not covered under insurance plans. To find out exactly how much it will cost for you to receive treatment for a specific length of time, call your HealthSmart insurance representative for your policy’s details. If you need to speak to someone who can help you to start the recovery process for your eating disorder, give us a call today at . Our representatives are standing by to help you.

HealthSmart Coverage for Anorexia Dual Diagnosis

One of the primary reasons why it is essential for individuals suffering from anorexia to receive treatment is that most patients with this disease suffer from a wide variety of other ailments that also require medical attention. Approximately 1 out of 10 people who suffer from eating disorders get medical treatment, according to South Carolina’s Health Department. This is a disturbing statistic because many patients in need of treatment for anorexia nervosa also suffer from the following:

Sufferers of anorexia are commonly diagnosed with many other illnesses that have developed due to the disease. If you receive inpatient care through a rehabilitation program, your medical professionals will help you overcome anorexia and the anorexia-related conditions you are diagnosed with.

Specialty Anorexia Treatments Using HealthSmart

Mental health professionals, physical therapists, primary physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists and many other health care professionals work together to ensure you receive the best treatment possible. By using HealthSmart for eating disorder treatment, you’ll have access to all of these professionals and more.

Through these professionals, you’ll receive comprehensive treatment for your eating disorder. For example, your physical therapist can help you exercise muscles that have become weak due to your disease. Your nutritionist will help you develop a healthy eating plan that will bring you to a normal and healthy weight. Because anorexia is so common, you will not have trouble finding health practitioners who have experience treating those with this disease.

As you can see, there’s plenty of help available to assist you in your recovery. We’re also available to help you 24/7, so call us today at .

How to Cover What Insurance Doesn’t Pay For

There are a few things you can do to help offset any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. First, you can ask the rehabilitation center you choose if it offers payment plans. You might be eligible if you have a low income or limited coverage. Speak to local community agencies, churches and more to find out about group counseling sessions that are offered throughout your community to get support from others who are also suffering or have overcome this disease.

A great resource for receiving treatment is your county’s health department. Health departments are government-funded facilities that generally offer extremely low-cost or free care to those in need. At a local health department, you’ll have access to primary care physicians, counselors and pharmacists. Health departments generally don’t offer comprehensive care, but you will be able to receive treatment and medication for some of your disease-related ailments.

Verify Insurance Coverage and Find the Best Treatment Centers

The best way to verify your insurance coverage is to read through your policy thoroughly. If you have trouble understanding the details of your policy, contact your HealthSmart insurance representative or call the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card. Customer service representatives can also assist you to find help in treating eating disorder problems.

HealthSmart is a high-quality coverage plan that’s available to individuals nationwide. With HealthSmart as your insurance provider, you’ll have access to quality professionals who can help you recover. If you suffer from anorexia nervosa and are ready to change your life, call us today at .